Lyrically painting vivid images of the southern lifestyle, the artist known as Skinny-C uses his life as a canvas to invite listeners back to the original Dirty South. Hailing from the eclectic streets of eastside Atlanta, Georgia, Skinny-C first began to receive high-acclaim in the South Georgia and Florida regions with his charismatic freestyles, illuminating wordplay, and energized performances. As he continued to generate an enormous buzz on college campuses and local club scenes, Skinny emerged onto the Atlanta underground music scene, delivering opening performances for artists including Killer Mike, Ciara, Ceelo Green, and Bobby Valentino.
Determined to hone and invest in his craft, Skinny-C embarked on a grassroots campaign to personally engage everyday fans, all while collaborating with up-and-coming artists in the Atlanta area. As a result, he has sold more than 5,000 combined digital and hard copies of his 2010/2011 releases –110 the EP and Rawthentic. Since then, Skinny has performed at numerous venues, concerts, and showcases, including the 11th annual Juneteenth Festival, the 5th annual Texas Summer Music Conference, the A3C music festival, winner of The Bar Exam, and has begun to establish a presence at the annual South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX.
His complete discography includes the groundbreaking EP 110, the Mixtape Muzik series, Silk Robe Suede Slippers, Rawthentic and the well-received projects entitled Never Thirsty, Always Hungry, Never Thirsty, Always Hungry 2: Back for Seconds. The latter 2 (NTAH 1 & 2), have gained recognition amongst reputable blogsites such as The Source, This is 50, Holiday Season Live, and Hip Hop Since 1987 just to name a few. Primed for major breakthrough, Never Thirsty, Always Hungry 1 & 2 provides dedicated fans and newcomers alike with a full-scope of the versatility, creativity, hunger, and trunk-rattling soulful style that is…Skinny-C.